The Rape of Persephone

Book One

Crete, 1694 BCE. They call her Kore, nameless term for girl. But Kore is no mere girl. She is the blossoming daughter of Demeter, High Priestess of Knossos, and Zeus of Olympus, famed liberator who led the Titan War. Stripped of identity at birth, Kore was sworn to the gods as a virgin priestess.

When Kore vanishes amidst the turmoil of a quaking earth, Demeter launches a desperate search for a girl who does not wish to be found.

For Kore has not vanished. She has escaped.

Her quest for independence quickly lands Kore inside a much firmer grip. Hades of Erebus, her cold but captivating uncle, rules the southernmost mainland. Notorious for judgment, atonement, and godlike abilities that earn him the name “the Unseen,” Hades will one day be immortalized as a god, like her father.

Wildly smitten, Kore trusts her uncle’s promise: Soon, he will let her go.

Does girlish infatuation overshadow the truth? Hades exhibits no urgency in releasing this “Kore.” In fact, a secretive Hades has other plans.

Plans that give rise to a powerful new destiny.

Accolades for The Rape of Persephone

“It’s hard to believe she didn’t live there in a previous incarnation, so vividly does Monica Brillhart bring Bronze Age Greece to life in her mytho-historical romance, The Rape of Persephone.”

— Terry Wolverton, author of Stealing Angel

“A powerful tapestry of humanity and morality. This is a wholly new literary tale that cinematically leaps off the page. The storytelling is powerful, profound, vividly poetic, and relentlessly paced.”

—Eric Poole, author of Where’s My Wand?

“A creative and enjoyable rendering of a familiar mythological tale.”   -Kirkus Reviews

“The most refreshing aspect of THE RAPE OF PERSEPHONE is probably its complete dismissal of the mawkishness one might expect from a retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone. Instead, the novel offers a keen meditation on the essence of living.”  -IndieReader

“Ms. Brillhart’s exceptional skills deliver a unique and captivating take on a classic tale from Greek mythology.”  -Sublime Book Reviews

An engrossing and fascinating gem of a book with love, passion, and intrigue inscribed on every page…”  -The Prairies Book Review

“Brillhart’s tantalizing retelling shades the characters with sharper motives and energizes its plot with remarkable pacing and surprising seduction.”  -Booklife Reviews

“This beguiling novel is sure to appeal to fans of Homer’s poem, who will enjoy the modern twist on familiar characters. But even those new to the story will be utterly charmed by Brillhart’s novel—and eagerly await the sequels.”  -BlueInk Reviews

“. . . an exciting take on an ancient tale.”  -Foreword Clarion Reviews